Help us trace the ‘Airlander Boy’ boy whose home-made video impressed the experts

A young boy’s huge excitement as he videos the giant Airlander flying over his home has touched the hearts of aircraft experts.

Now, with the help of the T&C, they are keen to trace the youngster and reward him with a special Airlander 10 souvenir.

The lad, who clearly lives close to Cardington Airfield, could hardly contain himself when the craft flew right over his house on its maiden flight.

Viewers of his makeshift home video hear him exclaiming; “Look at it. It’s flying! Oh my God, I’m so excited!”.

The video follows him running through his house, breathless with excitement, to film the massive craft as it hovers over his back garden.

Andrew Barber, Safety and Airworthiness Engineer for Airlander developers Hybrid Air Vehicles, said the video struck a real chord with him and his colleagues.

“I love it because 40 years ago I was that small child”, he said.

We are now appealing for the parents of the delightful boy to contact us on 01234 409100 and we will pass the details on to HAV

HAV spokesman Chris Daniels said: “We are delighted to have inspired a number of primary school children in the area, especially through school visits. We are active in engaging with school science programmes and our representatives have travelled to a number of schools nationally to talk about the science, engineering and technological aspects of the Airlander.

“Anybody interested in learning more about our educational engagement can get in touch via HAV website (

“HAV is not currently offering visits to the hangar but still have active representatives available for visits. “

The Airlander’s maiden flight took place last month and was a huge success, hitting headlines across the world.

But days later the craft made a “heavy landing” at the end of a 100 minute flight and sustained damage to the cockpit area.

Both pilots and the ground crew were unharmed and the aircraft is now secure inside its hangar and is being fully inspected ahead of carrying out all necessary repairs, say HAV.

The company is now undertaking a thorough investigation to ensure that all relevant factors that contributed to the heavy landing are identified and that steps are taken to remedy them before the Airlander flies again.

This process will involve a report to and discussions with the relevant aerospace industry regulators.