Help after miscarriage - from someone who’s been there

Keysha Jade of Bedford who has launched a non-profit organisation to help women who've had miscarriages
Keysha Jade of Bedford who has launched a non-profit organisation to help women who've had miscarriages

She’s only 21, yet Keysha Jade has already suffered the pain of three miscarraiges.

Now the former John Bunyan pupil is determined her devastating experiences will help others. She’s launched a non-profit organisation called MASS-miscarriage and has written a self-help book entitled Intoxicated Stained Tears.

Keysha, of Cardington Road, was only 17 when she had her first miscarriage.

“I don’t think I coped with it, in all honesty,” she recalls. “I don’t think I really grieved and I didn’t understand what was happening.

“I was 10 weeks pregnant, in an abusive relationship and I went to A&E with my mum because I was bleeding.

“I was left for three hours on my own, then I passed the baby in the toilet and flushed it down the loo.

“Afterwards I had a D&C procedure but I was awake, there were no painkillers.”

She had her second miscarriage last year when she was seven weeks pregnant and her third earlier this year at 13 weeks.

The kitchen showroom demonstrator was told she had a chromosome abnormality and labour was induced. “The baby had stopped growing and it was very traumatic for me,” she says.

The abnormality was never properly explained and she’s now seeking a second opinion because she hopes that one day, she will become a mother.

Keysha decided to share her heartbreak online and was astounded by the feedback.

“So many women said wow! they’d never heard anyone talking about it so openly before, someone who’d experienced it themselves, who could offer genunine support.

“I feel very positive that as long as I can help and make a difference, my pain has had a purpose.

“It hurt me at the time, it was horrible and I don’t think you ever get over it.

“But I expect it happened for a reason and I get peace from making healing happen to others.

“Through writing you can support a lot of people and that’s why I did the book, to give guidance to show that you can come out of a bad situation with self help and awareness.”

Keysha, who has A grades in English, adds: “This is coming from a good place in my heart.”

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