Surprise package inspires author battling Parkinson’s given ‘Trojan Horse’ drug

Sheila Roy, author, from Milton Ernest.
Sheila Roy, author, from Milton Ernest.

A woman who has battled with Parkinson’s disease for a third of her life has had a book published which she credits to revolutionary new treatment to combat the condition.

Author Sheila Roy, from Milton Ernest, began to despair of living a normal life as her health gradually worsened.

She said: “The deterioration was accelerating like a plane crashing to earth, unable to stop.”

This changed in July 2011 when she became one of 15 people in the world to have Prosavin injected into her brain. The drug is described as ‘acting as a Trojan Horse to get genes to where they needed to be’ and now acts as a transmitter, producing the missing drug deep into the striatum of the brain.

Sheila said: ”I was a guinea pig for the treatment but three years on my mobility has improved, my brain has cleared and the fog has lifted.

“I am a different person - more the person I was before Parkinson’s struck me. I’ve gone from a zombie state to back to being able to analyse, articulate and communicate.”

Her illustrated book tells the story of a baby left on a doorstep in a pink and white bag. dealing with very dramatic, life-changing moments for the main protagonists John and Sarah Yorr.

Sheila said: “The story is based on a real life occurence when my great aunt had a baby abandoned on her doorstep.”

The Surprise Package by Sheila Roy is available to buy at Amazon. All proceeds go to the Cure Parkinson’s Trust.