Inquest opens into death of baby at Bedford Hospital


A two-day inquest will open this morning into the circumstances surrounding the death of Casey Garrett, who died on September 11 2014 at Bedford Hospital, seven hours after being born.

His mother, Mrs Anna Garrett was admitted to Bedford Hospital on September 10 for the birth of her first child. Casey was born later that night not breathing. Although he was resuscitated and transferred to the

Neonatal Unit, Casey died seven hours later.

The Bedford Hospitals NHS Trust has carried out an internal inquiry with the inquest expected to look into the standard of care provided on September 10 at Bedford Hospital.

The baby’s parents Mr Dean and Mrs Anna Garrett will attend the inquest where they hope to establish the full circumstances into why their son died. They said: “We are both lost in a world of disbelieve, the pain is indescribable knowing that your child will not have the opportunity to experience life.

“We are both so very grateful for the short time we spent with Casey. He was the most beautiful baby boy and he changed our lives forever. It is true that the smallest footprints have the power to leave an everlasting imprint on this earth, only Casey left his deepest footprints in our hearts. We are very grateful for the support received, especially from family and friends. A special thank you goes to Gwen Cousins from POhWER, a charity that provides support in such matters: also to Sebastian Naughton and Julie Say and the team from Hodge Jones & Allen LLP who delivered so much on both a professional and personal level.”

Julie Say, medical negligence lawyer at Hodge Jones & Allen and Sebastian Naughton, Counsel of Sergeants Inn are representing the family. Julie Say said: “We hope the Coroner’s investigation will review all the events leading up to Casey’s birth and that the process will prevent such an incident happening again.”