Ebola fear dad plans to stand for council election with Real Deal UK Party

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-141022-123642001

A father who wants a school to permit the wearing of facemasks to prevent a possible Ebola outbreak is hoping to stand in next year’s council elections.

Jon O’Brien believes Sharnbrook Upper School’s decision to refuse permission for his daughter to wear a protective mask is political, and says it’s “time to join the political arena”.

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Mr O’Brien, from Turvey, said: “When a school won’t listen, and is not prepared to discuss the issue, it’s not about education, it’s about politics.

“This is why I will apply to stand for council in the May elections.”

Mr O’Brien will stand in Kempston Rural ward, currently represented by Conservative councillor Mark Smith. His newly-formed Real Deal UK Party, goes under the slogan “Don’t believe the hype. Don’t follow politics”.

He said: “My name will be on the ballot paper alongside Labour and Conservative candidates. I will come in like a tidal wave and knock them over.

“I intend to canvass mainly using social media, starting with a Facebook page. I might get 900 people sending abuse and 300 people who support me. Those are the people I want to hear from.”

Meanwhile, despite the threat of prosecution, Mr O’Brien continues to keep his daughter off school. He says a request for work to be sent home has been turned down, and a face-to-face meeting to discuss the issue ignored.

He says he has instructed a human rights solicitor to write to the school on his behalf.

A Bedford Borough Council spokesperson said: “Under the Education Act, the council is required to ensure an individual’s access to education is not disrupted. Therefore, if a parent removes their child from school without a legitimate reason, they are liable for prosecution.”

Sharnbrook Upper School did not wish to comment. However, it has posted the latest Public Health England advice for schools on its website.

For more information about Real Deal UK go to www.facebook.com/realdealukparty