‘He was aiming for my heart’, says man stabbed in bed by love rival in Greenfield


A jealous ex is on trial for attempted murder, after stabbing his love rival in the chest when he discovered the man sleeping with his former girlfriend.

Christopher Holmes crept into the bedroom and stood “eerily quiet”, brandishing a knife as if in a horror movie, a court heard.

He stabbed 29-year-old Grant Daniel twice, once in the chest and once in the back.

Mr Daniel told the jury: “He was aiming for my heart... He was aiming to kill me.”

The attack is said to have taken place at a house in Mill Lane, Greenfield, near Pulloxhill, which Mr Holmes, who is 35, had not long before shared with his then-girlfriend, Louise Holmes.

Their relationship had lasted a year and seven months and they broke up last November.

Peter Shaw, prosecuting at Luton Crown Court, said that although they shared the same surname they were never married, and by January of this year, Miss Holmes was in a new relationship with Mr Daniel.

On January 4 scaffolder Mr Holmes finished work, drove to the home of Miss Holmes and crept into her bedroom.

The court heard he had been drinking and taking drugs for days and was “in shock” at seeing her 
having sex with the other man.

The jury heard that Mr Daniel tried to fight the defendant off.

“He was aware of the defendant trying to thrust the knife into his chest, that he was aiming for his heart. He also recalled being stabbed in the back and there was blood everywhere,” said Mr Shaw.

“He managed to get away onto the first floor landing, but the defendant followed him.

Mr Daniel managed to throw the defendant down the stairs and then ran into the bathroom and locked the door. Mr Holmes then turned his attention to his ex-partner in the bedroom, punching her repeatedly in the face, said Mr Shaw.

Mr Daniel was treated at Papworth Hospital, where a CT scan showed an injury to a chest artery and a blood clot in the front of his heart

Mr Holmes denies attempted murder.