Have your say on new homes in Bedford Borough

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Bedford Borough Council is asking residents for their views on where growth and housing development should take place in the borough over the coming years.

The local plan will set out how much growth and development there will be in Bedford Borough up until the year 2035.

As well as building houses and flats, this also includes providing jobs and the development of facilities such as schools, transport and shops.

The consultation is not about the scale of development, but on how and where it will take place.

Three consultations have already taken place to establish the scope of the plan and collect evidence on options for where future sustainable growth should be located.

This fourth stage consultation primarily focuses on the development of housing across Bedford Borough.

The calculation of Bedford borough’s future housing needs is set in the Strategic Housing Market Assessment.

This document shows that as a local area is expecting an additional 19,000 homes to be built in the borough by 2035.

The consultation offers an opportunity for residents to comment on a preferred development strategy that includes one or more new settlements; development of the former Stewartby Brickworks site and expansion of selected villages.

Comments will also be invited on a range of new and updated technical documents following the release of new national population and household projections in 2016.

Comments can be made by contacting the council on planningforthefuture@bedford.gov.uk