Have you seen tot’s missing teddy?

The missing teddy.
The missing teddy.

A search has been launched to reunite a heartbroken tot with her beloved teddy bear.

Little Isabella Annie Threlfall misplaced her cuddle toy at Bedford Hospital while her four year old brother Ayrton was being treated for a broken nose on Saturday.

Since then mum Janiana, of Riseley, has struggled to settle the 21 month old tot for naps and at night-time.

“She just adores him and every day she has been looking for him,” said Janiana.

“It’s really quite heartbreaking.

“He has always been there every nap time and I have never had any problems putting her down because she has him. Since Saturday I’ve had to stroke her and be by her bedside because she can’t settle without him.”

The teddy has been in the family for five years as it was previously Ayrton’s toy, but despite being lavished with new cuddly toys when she was born, Isabella Annie took a shine to the well used ted.

“I have tried to buy others but she’s just not having it,” said Janiana.

“He is pretty worn because he has been washed a few times.

“I can’t believe that someone would have thrown him in the bin or taken him home to keep.”

The mum has revisited the hospital several times in a bid to track down the cuddly toy and an appeal on the Facebook page Spotted in Bedford UK has been shared hundreds of times.

>Do you know the whereabouts of the missing teddy bear? Contact the newsroom on 01234 409133.