Have you seen this cat?

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-151208-154702001

A family is offering a hefty reward for the return of a missing blue-eyed cat that will die without urgent medical attention.

The five-year-old long-haired tom went missing from his home in Village Road, Bromham, on Friday.

He has a serious kidney complaint and without his daily medication will deteriorate rapidly.

His owner Paul Reynolds said: “We call him Kitten, even though he is a huge cat. He may look big and healthy but actually he is very poorly.

“We are really worried about him and we just want him home.”

Kitten is white with rare mink-coloured and black markings.

His eyes are a distinctive bright blue.

Because of his unusual appearance, the family fear he may have been stolen.

Or they are worried he may have been accidently shut in a shed or outbuilding around Bromham.

Said Paul:“We have searched all round the area and called all the local vets. But nobody has seen a thing.

“It could be that he has got lost and wandered into somebody else’s house, where he is currently enjoying his usual life of luxury.

“But because of the medical issue, we are asking people to let us know immediately if they see him.

“It is vital that we find him in the next few days.”

Kitten used up one of his nine lives two years ago when he broke his pelvis falling out of a tree.

He underwent hundreds of pounds worth of vets’ treatment and still has a metal pin in his leg. Anybody with information about Kitten should call Paul on 07734 935697 or 07597939517.

A reward of £100 will be paid for his safe return, or information leading to his safe return.