Hate leaflet probe goes on

Bedford hate leaflet.
Bedford hate leaflet.

The culprits of hate leaflets posted to homes in Bedford are still being sought by police.

Beds Police received 11 complaints from concerned members of the public about the black and red leaflet headed ‘Works of Darkness’

It goes on to list 17 ‘sins’ including sex outside of marriage, divorce, abortion, contraception, gay marriage, homosexuality and British and American militarism.

Police say that the literature could be classed as a hate crime and investigations are continuing.

A spokesman for Beds Police said: “No suspects have been identified and we’re not aware of any further leaflets being delivered.

“If anyone does receive a leaflet that they have concerns about we’d ask them to contact police via the non-emergency number 101.”

Among those to receive the leaflet on doormats was shocked Castle ward householder Penny Bowden, who contacted the Times and Citizen.

She said: “It’s clearly not right, it’s offensive.”

The leaflet, which also criticises ‘assisted fertilisation’, euthanasia and suicide, says that Islamic terrorism is a direct response to British, American and Israeli military terrorism in Islamic countries, bears no details about who wrote or published it.