Hate crime on the increase say Bedforshire Police

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Figures from police reveal there has been a 13 per cent increase in the reporting of hate crime incidents over the last year.

Of the 902 cases reported to police, compared to last year there has been a 92 per cent increase in the reporting of disability hate crimes and incidents, as well as a 26 per cent increase in the reporting of sexual orientation hate crimes.

Hate Crime Lead, Sergeant James Hart, said: “We are pleased to see an increase in people coming forward when they have been subjected to this type of incident.

“It means they can acquire the appropriate support from the police, voluntary sectors and local authorities and we can take action against the perpetrators.

“We know hate crime is under reported, as some victims feel it’s not serious enough to be reported or may not realise it’s a criminal offence.

“I would ask anyone who is being targeted because of some aspect of their identity, or presumed identity, to report it.”