Hair loss mum writes book about baldness for children's charities

A mum of two from Lidlington who lost her hair as a teenager has written a children's book about baldness and is donating proceeds to cancer charities.
Rebecca Dawe with her two sons.Rebecca Dawe with her two sons.
Rebecca Dawe with her two sons.

Rebecca Dawe, 39, who wears a wig after losing her hair to alopecia at 16, wrote the Hairless Harri about a seven-year-old girl who’s shunned by her classmates because she’s bald. The book has a happy ending when Harri wins everyone round and becomes the coolest girl in the school.

Rebecca said: “At school it can be really brutal because children are scared of things that are different. I wanted to write a book that helped children to celebrate differences rather than fear them. I think it’s incredibly important to understand that it’s our diversity that creates all the wonderful things we have today.”

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Rebecca, married with two young sons, writes a blog about hairloss at Hair Necessity and also designs and sells wigs.

She added: “I suffered years of wearing uncomfortable and ill-fitting wigs. I’d catch people staring at me or someone would make a nasty comment. I dreaded being exposed in public. So I wanted to make wigs that women felt confident and beautiful in.” Rebecca says she has accepted her hair loss and never felt better about herself.

She said: “I wear my wigs all the time and have fun creating different styles. I love how I look.”

If you’d like to buy Hairless Harri and donate to children’s cancer charities, the book is available on Amazon for £2.99.

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