Gran’s fury over ‘danger’ at Bedford child’s play park

A rough sleeper's bedding in the play house
A rough sleeper's bedding in the play house

A grandmother has hit out at the council which only took her complaint about a children’s play park seriously after a call from the T&C.

Cheryl White said she was disgusted to find bedding at the play park next to Sainsbury’s in Clapham Road, Bedford.

She said: “ I took my grandchildren there and saw the bedding on the slide.

“I felt compelled to raise my concerns about the care of our children’s parks. I rang to report bedding and belongings left in a play house at the park at Clapham Road Sainsbury’s.

“An operative said she would report it and get it cleared. But it was still there on Tuesday, and apparently it was only logged as fly tipping and not urgent.

“This is a small child’s park and there could be anything up there, needles or drugs. The children can’t play in the house or on the slide. Does nobody care?”

However an email from the T&C onTuesday prompted the council to take immediate action with the bedding being removed the same day.

Cheryl said: “The council obviously feel that five days is correct for taking a complaint seriously.”

A borough council spokesman said: “I am sorry if it appeared that the manner in which these were reported (fly tipping) gave the impression that we would not take the matter seriously.

“A crew was dispatched and have removed the materials in question, to ensure the play park continues to be a safe and welcoming environment.”