Good report for ‘inclusive community’

David Bailey PNL-151124-093920001
David Bailey PNL-151124-093920001

Biddenham International School and Sports College has been deemed ‘Good’ in all areas, following its recent Ofsted inspection.

Ofsted published its report last Thursday, after inspecting the school at the start of November.

Inspectors commented on the “high expectations for pupils” within the school and how “teachers support all students to achieve their best”.

The report also notes “there is a positive climate for learning within classrooms...because there are good relationships between staff and pupils”.

Inspectors observed “high-quality written work and pupils confidently taking part in discussions and debate”.

They said Biddenham is “an inclusive harmonious community where pupils show respect for one another” and “pupils are confident and keen to learn”.

Biddenham headteacher David Bailey said: “I would like to thank all our students, staff, parents and governors for their hard work, commitment and passion for our school.

“Biddenham has always been a good school and everyone here works tirelessly to ensure that our students get to where they want to be in life.

“I am extremely proud of all that we have achieved at Biddenham as we strive to ensure that we provide the highest educational standards, alongside numerous other opportunities, to enrich the present and future lives of all who journey through the school.”