Golden eagle Norman is still enjoying his freedom

Norman the missing golden eagle.
Norman the missing golden eagle.

Norman the escaped golden eagle is still enjoying his freedom and refusing to return home, despite his trainer getting within 20 feet of him.

Falconer Allen Smith said he got up close to the enormous bird at lunchtime yesterday (Wednesday) and used his lure to encourage him back, but Norman flew away.

Allen, of Lidlington, said: “He looked me in the eyes and took off.

“He has moved on from Mauldon, and is now in the Barton-le-Clay area. He has been feeding on pheasant carcasses on a farm, so he is fine.”

He added: “People have been reporting that they think they have seen Norman but they are actually spotting buzzards.

“A golden eagle is huge, and brown underneath. They have a three metre wingspan, and would look as wide as a door is tall when in flight.”

Norman, who was born and bred in captivity in Germany and belongs to Allen’s friend, made his bid for freedom during outdoors fitness training earlier this month.

Allen would like readers to call him on 07885094608, or Dave on 07799765255 if they spot Norman.