Gleaming red bus brings Ampthill traffic to standstill

Ampthill bus brings traffic to standstill
Ampthill bus brings traffic to standstill

You wait ages for a bus … then a gleaming red one comes along on the back of a low-loader.

Lunchtime shoppers in Ampthill were shocked to see this huge truck crawling down busy Bedford Street last Saturday.

Town centre traffic came to a halt with other motorists giving it a wide berth as the driver gingerly manoeuvred over the two roundabouts.

Then the vehicle slowly trundled off up Woburn Street past the Queen’s Head pub.

The electric-powered Metrodecker bus was being taken back to York after having featured in a special Low Carbon Vehicle Event at the Millbrook Testing Ground.

It is normally used to ferry tourists on sightseeing tours round the city.

Sheffield-based Magtec, who converted the formerly diesel-powered bus, claim their zero-emissions vehicles can carry 99 passengers nearly 150 miles with just one over-night charge.

More than 3,000 peolle attended the two-day Millbrook event.

But not everybody was happy about the double decker being hauled through Ampthill.

For while the bus might be a zero emissions-vehicle, the lowloader carrying it certainly wasn’t.

And Scrabbler claimed on the Ampthill TV Forum that the vehicle was so heavy it should not have been allowed through the Georgian market town.

He said: “I’m sure some of the cars having to deal with the situation were aggrieved. The lorry drivers should have known better.”