GCSE results: Redborne School bucks national trend

GCSE Results Day
GCSE Results Day

Redborne School in Ampthill bucked the national trend with its second-best ever set of GSCE results.

72 per cent of students achieved A star to C grades, including English and Maths. 84 per cent got a C or better in Maths and 89 per cent a C or better in English.

The Value Added score, which shows the progress students have made, was very high at 1012.

Some outstanding results were:

Alexander Bartholomew - 11 A stars and a B

Jack McNeill - 9 A stars, 3 As, 1 C

James Wallace - 8 A stars, 3 As, 2 Bs

Edward Dawe - 7 A stars, 5As, 1B

Barnaby Howe - 7 A stars, 5 As, 1C

James Reeder - 7 A stars, 4As, 2Bs

Among the students with outstanding Value Added scores were:

Daniel Smith whose grades were 14 higher than predicted.

Olivia Sandhu was 13 higher

Adam Rossman, Jack McNeill and Barnaby Howe were 12 higher.

The school Principal Nigel Croft: “These were superb results with the exams becoming tougher. We are delighted to record our second-best ever results in difficult times.

“The students and staff should all be congratulated for their hard work.”