GCSE Day horror: Police scour Wootton Upper for bombs as more schools are evacuated due to same threats

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MBTC Wootton Upper School ENGPNL00120140602151247

As police are still searching the evacuated Wootton Upper School for bombs, a dozen schools across the country have been plunged into chaos with the same security threat, the T&C can reveal.

This morning, on the first day of GCSE exams, thousands of pupils were evacuated in schools from Kent all the way up to Newcastle after a serious of anonymous phone calls.

Police have been forced to close primaries and secondaries while responding to the threats which have left parents panicked and confused.

It was initially thought that the calls were isolated to a small number of schools in Kent but reports then emerged of disruption across the country - including Wootton Upper School.

At one school, “repeated” calls warned of a bomb on site and that “the shrapnel will take children’s heads off”.

Among the other school affected are:

Canterbury Academy, Kent

Barming Primary School, Maidstone

Voyager Academy, Peterborough

Discover Primary School, Peterborough

Oulder Hill School, Rochdale

Redwood School, Rochdale

Emsworth Primary School, Hampshire

Kingsham Primary School, Chichester

Whiteley Primary School, Fareham

Rosebrook Primary School, Stockton

Cranmere Primary School, Surrey

All the pupils at the Canterbury Academy in Kent were pulled from class, including 240 who were sitting a GCSE English exam.

The Canterbury parents received a text reading: “We have evacuated the school with police agreement following 3 phone calls regarding an explosive device. Lessons will resume tomorrow.”

Meanwhile parents of Wootton students are worried their children may not be able to resit any abandoned exam papers.

“If they saw the paper and then were forced to leave the building. We concerned they may not be finish to take the exam at another date because they’ve already read the questions,” said one mum.