Gang ransack cars near Flitwick Tesco

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Dozens of cars were broken into during the same night on a sprawling housing estate behind the Tesco store in Flitwick.

All the vehicles had been locked up but the thieves managed to open the doors without causing any damage.

Police believe the organised gang used special locksmith’s fobs which are easily available on the internet.

David Stafferton reported on the ‘Spotted: Flitwick’ Facebook page how a heavy guitar amp and all his tools were stolen from his van in Kings Road.

Natalie Jenkins told how her iPad was taken from her car in Manor Way the same night.

A computer was stolen from the boot of an Audi parked in Nene Road and a black iPhone was stolen from another car.

All the theft victims insisted that their cars had been left locked overnight on April 1 but were opened without any signs of damage,

One women who lives just off Eagle Drive told how she found the contents of her gym bag scattered all over the seat.

She said: “The glove compartment was also open and the sun visors had been turned down, but all they stole were four £1 coins and a box of chocolates.

“As no damage had been done, I didn’t even bother reporting it to the police because I thought they wouldn’t bother even investigating.

“I assumed it was just an isolated robbery until I read about tall the others on Facebook.

“But as most of the victims won’t have posted about it on Facebook, it is fair to assume that dozens of cars must have been done over the same night.

“That means it was probably an organised gang of car thieves. What is worrying is that they can open car doors so easily without causing any damage.”

A spokesperson at Bedfordshire Police said: “We have received a number of recent reports of vehicles being broken into in Flitwick.

“Scenes of Crime Officers have examined vehicles in the cases where evidence was available to gather and anyone with information about the offending is urged to come forward.

“Any suspicious activity that is noticed in the area should be reported to police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously 0800 555111. Any information can be used as vital intelligence to help disrupt criminals and combat such offending.

“Bedfordshire Police takes vehicle crime very seriously and motorists are reminded of simple steps they can take to keep their vehicles and belongings safe, such as the importance of making sure their vehicle is securely locked and not keeping valuables in their car or tools in their van overnight.

“You can prove to would-be thieves your glove-box is empty, by leaving it open when you leave your vehicle.”