Forum draws online giants to Higgins

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Some of the biggest online companies have descended on Bedford for an international technology conference.

Delegates from the likes of Google, Apple and Mozilla are in town for the autumn CalConnect forum.

CalConnect is a not-for-profit consortium of firms which build calendar and scheduling applications, and sets the global standards for online calendars.

Conference organiser is the only UK member, and hosting it in Bedford is another step in the town’s growing reputation as a tech hub.

CalConnect executive director Dave Thewlis said: “Although our conferences are not large they are technically demanding, and Bedford should be proud of its ability to support a group like ours.

“It also reflects well upon Bedford’s ability to attract high-technology startup companies such as, which fits well with our member companies of all sizes.”’s CEO Bridget Harris added: “At one time Bedford was the home of Texas Instruments and the beginning of the silicon chip revolution.

“We’re looking forward to a bright future where tech companies are a thriving part of the economy here once again.”

The five-day conference concludes tomorrow at the Higgins Museum. Other members include Microsoft, AOL, DHL, Oracle and Yahoo.