Former teacher pleads guilty to possessing hundreds of indecent images of children

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A FORMER Kimbolton School teacher has today pleaded guilty to a number of sexual offences involving children after hundreds of indecent images were found on his computers.

Scott Whitlock, 45, was arrested after police received an anonymous letter stating he was in possession of ‘disturbing images of children’.

An investigation started and police used warrants to search at premises within Kimbolton School and Whitlock’s then home address in Bedford.

Officers seized a number of electronic devices, which uncovered a large amount of indecent images of children.

There were also chat logs in Whitlock’s name detailing obscene material and explicit sexual fantasies involving children.

He was arrested at the school in June last year and was immediately suspended from teaching,

Earlier this year he was charged with two counts of making indecent images of a child, one count of possessing indecent images of a child, one count of distributing an indecent image of a child and one count of publishing an obscene article.

Senior Crown Prosecutor Samantha Woolley described the chat logs as being of a “horrific nature”, saying: “The written content of the messages is of an obscene and distressing nature based on the sexual abuse of children and young children.”

She added: “Whitlock has a clear entrenched sexual interest in children which is evidenced in his own words in the chat logs which he stated in interview are his.”

Whitlock appeared at Cambridge Crown Court this morning and pleaded guilty to all charges apart from one count of making indecent images of children, which was accepted by the prosecution.

The possession of indecent images of children relates to 112 images consisting of 90 category C images, six category B images and 16 category A images of children

The making of indecent images of children charge relates to 505 images consisting of 345 category C images, 53 category B images and 107 category A images of children while the distributing of indecent images of children relates to one image.

The charge of publishing an obscene article relates to the exchanging of chat messages online, detailing explicit conversations concerning fantasies involving young children.

Detective Constable Matt Roe, from the Child Abuse Investigation and Safeguarding Unit (CAISU), said: “While none of the images in Whitlock’s possession contained any of Kimbolton School’s past or present students, there were some extremely disturbing images of children which he clearly had an interest in.

“This investigation was complex and involved the expertise of officers from across several investigative departments, resulting in Scott Whitlock’s conviction. It is reassuring to know he will never teach again.”

Sentencing has been scheduled for the end of this month at Cambridge Crown Court.

Headmaster Jonathan Belbin said: “The well-being of the children at the School is our overriding priority.

“We treat any falling short of our high standards with the utmost seriousness and we have given the authorities every assistance during their investigation into this case, a case which does not involve any Kimbolton pupil past or present.”

“The chemistry teacher was suspended from the school in June 2015 and subsequently dismissed in November last year.”

On a teacher rating website where reviews are given by students and parents, Whitlock was rated “average 3.66 out of five stars based on 15 ratings.

One of the comments posted back in 2009 on RateMyTeachers read “stay away from this man!”

A comment left in October 2014 said Whitlock was an average teacher but an “awesome” guy.

The comment reads: “Although he’s an average teacher he’s an absolutely bloomin’ awesome guy and he’s absolutely hilarious.

“Everyone loves him in CCF, especially on camp - He can quote anything he’s ever watched and loves South Park. Top chap.”

Another comment left in May 2011 read: “Lovely teacher. Really clever but still knows how to teach well.

“He’s not great at controlling a class but we still get good marks so that speaks for itself.”

>A second former teacher from Kimbolton School charged with a number of sexual offences against children. He faces trial in November.