Fishwife team take a Broadside with Power and Jesus

Fishwife's Broadside in Bedford.
Fishwife's Broadside in Bedford.

A triple serving of talent is dished up in Bedford next weekend when local band Fishwife’s Broadside are joined by guests at Esquires.

Blyth Power and Jesus Hooligan are the two bands also on stage on Saturday, March 14, with doors opening at 7.30pm.

Fishwife’s Broadside have been steadily building up a following over the last five years playing unplugged / plugged-in punk folk shows all over the country. Under their own promotional banner of Billy Stupid’s Circus, they bring some of the groups they love, admire and respect to town.

Blyth Power are from Harrogate and were formed in the 1980s by singer/drummer Joseph Porter, formerly of The Mob and Zounds, and are considered one of the most original and innovative bands around.

Overriding everything is the breadth and content of the lyrics, which Mr Porter says are his first love, and his most cherished care. Blyth Power have described their sound as a cross between The Clash, Steeleye Span and The Rubettes! Visit

Steve Brunton, a singer in hardcore punk bands Gout and The Lager Louts, became ill with throat problems and had to stop singing live. During that time he started making his own music from sounds he liked, tractors, angle grinders, drills and anything you can hit like barrels, buckets, scaffold tubes and diesel tanks. Then he changed his name to Jesus Hooligan and when his voice improved he formed a band, which is now formed of ten people hitting things, making a racket with barrels, guitars, didgeridoos, chains, gas canisters plus anything else they liked the sound of!

Acoustic band Fishwife’s Broadside sing songs from the heart and have just finished recording their second 45, entitled Just One Revolution, should be out sometime soon on Billy Stupid’s Wax Emporium label.

Admission is £6.50.