First accused gives evidence in Isaac Stone murder trial - man denies being part of group and tried to stop fight, court told

Isaac Stone
Isaac Stone

The first of the accused in the Isaac Stone murder trial went into the witness box today (Friday, August 29) to tell the jury he had played no part in the killing of the young rapper in Bedford in January of this year.

Mohammed Hussain, 22, told Luton Crown Court he had tried to stop a street fight between Mr Stone and one of his co-defendants, Fahim Khan and had got between them.

He was asked by his barrister Amjad Malik QC defending “Did you use your hands to stab Isaac Stone with a knife?”

Mr Hussain replied “No.”

Mr Malik then asked him “Was Mr Stone being stabbed in front of you with a bladed weapon?”

Mr Hussain answered “No Sir” and, asked if he had seen any bladed weapon as he approached the fight, he told the jury “No.”

But he said moments after trying to stop the fight he realised there was “a lot of blood” on the right side of Isaac’s mid section.

He told the court “I was shocked, I have been stabbed before.”

Mr Hussain said the sight of the blood on Mr Stone gave him “flashbacks” to when he had been stabbed in July 2012 and he said his reaction was to panic and “get out of there.”

He told the jury he ran back to his home in nearby Maitland Road in Bedford.

He was giving evidence after the prosecution closed its case on Thursday.

During the trial the jury have been told 19 years old Isaac Stone, a young rapper who went under the name of Dynamikk, was stabbed to death on Saturday January 25 this year in Costin Street in Bedford after being set upon by four young men.

A friend who was with him, Shajidur Rahman, 20, suffered serious injuries in the attack and part of his nose was amputated.

The jury have been told the “murderous attack” on the pair happened just hours after a video featuring Isaac Stone had been posted on YouTube.

In the amateur film entitled: “Go Missing” youths were shown spraying alcohol over the name ‘Raz’ that had been painted on a wall off Midland Road, Bedford.

Eighteen hours later Isaac Stone was chased, trapped and set upon by his attackers, who punched him repeatedly, kicked him and stabbed him several times.

Mr Rahman, who was also in the video, suffered horrific injuries in the attack and four deep slashes were delivered to his head and face, with his nose effectively being amputated.

Prosecutor Vincent Coughlin QC said the motive for the “murderous attack” that happened at around 6.20pm that Saturday evening was not entirely clear, but he said the video that had been posted at midnight on the Friday had “upset someone.”

Mohammed Hussain, 22, of Maitland Road, Bedford, 19 year old Rubel Miah, of Costin Street, Bedford, his brother Javed Miah, 21, also of Costin Street, Bedford and Fahim Khan, 20, of Fenlake Road, Bedford, are all charged with the murder of Mr Stone, the attempted murder of Mr Rahman and two counts of possession of an offensive weapon.

In his outline of the prosecution’s case to the jury, Mr Coughlin said: “These four defendants involved themselves in a fast-moving, violent and savage street brawl with another group of young males, which left one of the opposing group dead and another severely mutilated.”

He said that “perhaps for show” some of the defendants had gone to Luton on the day of the killing to hire a white Range Rover for £150. Back in Bedford they went to a hardware shop in Greenhill Street, where they bought two meat cleavers for £2.99 each.

Isaac Stone, who was driving a white Corsa with Mr Rahman and two others passengers, encountered the other group in Costin Street.

In the brawl that followed, his left lung was penetrated by a knife wound that proved fatal despite the swift arrival of paramedics. By the time he arrived at Bedford hospital there was no sign of a pulse and he was pronounced dead at 19.15.

Shajidur Rahman, told the court earlier in the evening he had seen the two defendants, Rubel Miah and Fahim Khan in an alleyway off Castle Lane, Bedford. He said they told him they had not got a problem with him, but had a problem with Isaac and another youth.

Later he was in a Corsa driven by Isaac when, in Costin Street, they saw the hired white Range Rover that Rubel Miah and Fahim Khan had got into.

He went on: “Everyone froze. We said ‘we have got to sort it.’ We never anticipated it would lead to what happened.

“It happened so quick. We stopped. We did not think weapons were involved. We thought it was a fist fight.”

He said they got out of the car and Rubel Miah and Fahim Khan came towards them. “Fahim came up to me. I thought he had a hammer. It had a blue wrapping over the handle. I got hit by Fahim. I didn’t know at the time that it was a meat cleaver.”

Mr Rahman said he tried to defend himself but after the second or third blows he felt “dizzy.” In all he was hit five or six times before he ran off. His nose was amputated and left at the scene.

In the witness box the first defendant to give evidence, Mohammed Hussain told the jury he had been born and raised in Bedford and had five younger sisters.

He said his dad had died from a stroke when he was in his early teens and it fallen on him to be the “man” in the family.

Mr Hussain said he had wanted to study law at university and as he kept up his studies he also had a number of part time jobs in Bedford including working as a waiter, a sales assistant at Primark and a pizza delivery boy.

He told the jury how he loved playing football and had played for Bedford Town and at county level.

The jury heard he had known his co-defendants since they were all school boys.

He told the court how in the autumn of 2013 he and Javed Miah had hired a prestigious Audi Q7 from Glamour Cars in Luton.

Mr Hussain said he had been asked by his co defendant to help in the hiring of the vehicle because he had a driving licence.

On Saturday January 26 this year he said he was contacted once more by Rubel Miah who wanted to enlist his help in hiring a Range Rover so that he could visit his girlfriend in it.

Mr Hussain said he was also told that he would be able to use it as well.

That afternoon he said he and the Miah brothers went to the Luton car hire company in his own car and he hired out the Range Rover.

He said they drove back to Bedford and were excited and talking about a trip into London in the car.

Back in Bedford he said Rubel got in the driver’s seat and they picked up Fahim Khan.

He told the jury how they then drove to the bus station area so that Rubel and Fahim could visit some nearby shops to buy some clothes for their night out in London.

Mr Hussain said he and Javed Miah waited in the car and then received a call to collect the other two from the High Street.

The court then heard how he drove to the area of Maitland Road where he got out and went into his home.

That evening he said he was planning to go to a fast food restaurant near his home for something to eat before going to London in the Range Rover.

Mr Hussain said he left his home intending to meet his co accused, Mr Khan, nearby and then go for something to eat.

He said as he walked along Maitland Road he could hear shouting and yelling and out of curiosity cut down an alleyway to Costin Street to see what was going on.

Emerging out onto the street he said he could see a man in dark clothing with a knife who was attacking someone.

Also present, he said, was a man in grey clothing who was also attacking the same person who was crouched on the ground.

He said it appeared as if the person in grey was in front of the man with the knife who was trying to jump over him to get at the person crouched on the ground.

Mr Hussain said it was then that he realised the man crouched on the ground was his friend Fahim Khan and the man in grey who was also attacking him was Isaac Stone.

“I shouted ‘Oi!, Oi!’ really loud because my friend was getting attacked” said Mr Hussain, who told how the man with the knife then ran off towards Midland Road.

He said Mr Khan managed to wriggle free from Isaac Stone, who also began running towards Midland Road.

He said Mr Khan ran after him and he told the jury he decided to follow to see what was going to happen.

Mr Malik defending asked him “Did you know what this was all about?”

Mr Hussain replied “No.”

Mr Malik asked “The prosecution are saying you are all part of a group and this is some sort of grudge. Is this what this is all about?

Mr Hussain replied “No.”

He said as he followed, he saw Mr Stone reach Midland Road but then change direction and turn back into Costin Street.

Mr Hussain said female members of the Miah family were out on the street shouting “Get them away from here” and “Leave him alone” and he said he wanted to stop Mr Stone from getting near them, so he moved to block his path.

He said a fight then ensued between Mr Stone and Fahim Khan with the pair “swinging” at each other and exchanging punches.

“I walked towards the fight and I tried to pull them apart and I used my leg to block Fahim’s kicks. I was saying “Stop it Fahim, stop it. I didn’’t want him to get into trouble,” he told the court.

Moments later he said he saw blood on Mr Stone’s right side.

He said in a state of shock and panic he ran back to his home.

He was arrested on January 27 on suspicion of murder and interviewed by detectives in the presence of his solicitor.

Asked why he had made “no comment” to the questions asked of him, he said it had been on the advice of his solicitor.

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