LUTON Town chairman David Kohler is to resign from the club following an attack by petrol bombers at his home.The club boss said a petrol bomb and matches were put through his letterbox early this morning (Friday).The attack came the day after the High Court hearing of Mr Kohler s appeal against the Government s refusal of permission for him to build a new home for the football club near junction 10 of the M1. The decision is expected on Monday (see story following).A statement from Mr Kohler, who lives in Shenley, Herts, said: "Having been involved with Luton Town FC for a quarter of my life I have always tried my best to act in the interests of the club."The events of this morning where a petrol bomb and matches were placed through my letterbox at my home is an act that any reasonable person must deplore."As a husband and father of three, the youngest Max is only five weeks old, my prime responsibility is to them."The police have viewed the petrol bomb as a warning."However I am not prepared to use my family as a shield or place them in any set of circumstances which could endanger them."It is for this reason and with much regret that, irrespective of the High Court proceedings on Monday, it is my intention, as soon as my business affairs in relation to the club can be put in order, to step down as chairman and leave the club."At his home his wife said: We do not plan to say any more at the moment. It was reported that Mr Kohler was so distressed by the attack he made an immediate decision to quit the club, not prepared to leave his family as targets for the lunatic fringe who disagree with his plans for Luton Town.Police are thought to be investigating a possible link with The Loyal Luton Supporters Club.