Fire and rescue teams win credit from people helped by crews


People who have been helped by firefighters have given the emergency service a thumbs up.

100% of those using the Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (BFRS) are satisfied with the service they received, according to customer surveys conducted between October and December 2014.

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service routinely asks people what they think of its work and all 381 people who completed their follow up surveys after receiving assistance or advice during that period were very or fairly satisfied.

These include people involved in emergency incidents at home or at a non-domestic property and those who received a free Home Fire Safety Check to advise them on preventing fires or a Fire Safety Audit, which ensure commercial and public premises meet their obligations to protect their staff and the public.

The 100% satisfaction rating was mentioned at the Bedfordshire Fire Authority meeting on Tuesday, March 31 by Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Glen Ranger.

He said: “Consistently achieving these high ratings does not happen by chance and much credit should go to those delivering services, from front line Firefighters and Prevention & Protection staff to Senior Managers and Commanders. This outstanding service delivery is only made possible by the excellent support provided by our support departments, without which there would be no delivery.

“Our focus is firmly upon protecting our community and our firefighters and includes a commitment to finding new, innovative ways to promote fire safety and prevent incidents occurring.

“Our firefighters and staff are high quality professionals who work together with a ‘can do, will do’ attitude and I’d like to thank them for their hard work and dedication in serving our local communities.

“We also have strong leadership and governance from the Fire Authority whose prudent management of our limited finances has helped us to maintain our excellent services.”

Chief Fire Officer, Paul Fuller, added: “I am pleased by this excellent result and would like to thank all our staff for their hard work and dedication in serving the public so well.

“The only problem with achieving 100% satisfaction is that the only way is down. But we will strive to maintain our 100% satisfaction rating.

“If anyone does feel they have not received the service they expect from us we have a robust complaints process and I’d ask them to get in touch with us about their experience.”

A full report on the survey will be tabled at the next Fire Authority meeting on June 4.