Festival in Bedfordshire tightens security after terror threat

Ian Scarr
Ian Scarr

A major festival is introducing tighter security measures in the wake of the atrocity at Manchester Arena.

The measures at Ampthill Festival include increased police and security patrols internally and externally.

This comes after Prime Minister Theresa May raised the terror threat level to severe, although this was later downgraded.

The festival includes the AmpRocks music event.

In addition to the extra police and security no rucksacks, holdalls or picnic bags will be allowed in the AmpRocks arena.

Ticket holders are advised to bring any alcohol or food for their own consumption in easily searchable bags.

Four cans of alcohol will be allowed per person.

Ampthill Festival chairman, Ian Scarr, said: “Ampthill Festival has always been a safe and welcoming environment, but in the light of the recent tragic events in Manchester, we are, along with all other festivals, reviewing and changing some of the policies.

“These policies are regarding security at the events and we have been taking advice from local police forces.”

AmpRocks chairman, Mark Tiana, said: “What happened in Manchester was truly horrendous and we take everyone’s safety very seriously.

“We are increasing security, policing numbers and we have revised contingency plans in place.

“These changes have been well received and we look forward to putting on a great event again this year.”