Fears overflowing bins in Bedford town centre could attract rats

Harpur Street bins overflowing
Harpur Street bins overflowing

A two-year bin saga in Bedford town centre shows no signs of being cleaned up, with concerns the problem could soon attract rats and other vermin.

Staff at Twigden Asset Management Ltd in Harpur Street say that the bins wereintroduced outside the building when numbers 48-50 were converted into flats in 2016.

But not only are the bins used by both residents and passing members of the public, they have become a haven for people to flick their used cigarettes, and the bins are only emptied when staff call Bedford Borough Council.

Sharyn Hart, who works at at Twigden, said: “It’s very unpleasant and it’s soon going to start attracting rats and other vermin at the very least.

“I’ve tried calling the council, the mayor, and even Love Bedford and the waste team.

“They all say they will try to help but nothing is getting done.”

She added: “We want the bins to be emptied regularly, and for them to be moved behind the building so they don’t create a health hazard on our doorstep.”