Family centre secures funding to continue domestic violence programme

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A family centre has secured funding to continue to offer its domestic programme for the next two years.

The Liberty Programme was founded at Goldington Family Centre more than 12 years ago when director at the time Kate Martinow identified a gap in services to women who were victims of abuse.

The Harpur Trust has donated £25,200 to keep the scheme running for the next two years.

Chief executive of the family centre Michael Howe said: “Without this vital donation from The trust the Liberty Programme was at significant risk of being stopped. This funding will allow us to continue to support women at an extremely difficult time through our unique programme. It will also enable us to continue our vital research into the impact of the programme which will secure the future of Liberty for years to come.”

The programme aims to improve the safety and wellbeing of women and their children who have experienced or are suffering abusive relationships.

It runs over 12 weeks and recent studies show that the women attending demonstrated significant reductions in depression, hopelessness and stress.

The studies and their findings have been sent to nine academic conferences such as the 2015 Conference on Education, Research, Humanities, and Statistics in Boston and the 5th International Conference on Education and Social Science (ICESS-2015) in Paris.

Spokesman for the Harpur Trust Suzanne Sharp said: “The Trust is delighted to be able to support the Goldington Family Centre and in particular to provide funding for the Liberty programme that offers offer vital support, and hope, to woman and children affected by domestic abuse.”