Families blast “appalling” festive event

Luminaries Woburnensis
Luminaries Woburnensis

A Christmas festival that promised an evening of “enchantment and adventure” has been branded an “embarrassment” by disappointed visitors.

Woburn Abbey has received hundreds of complaints against their Luminaries Woburnensis event after visitors queued for 90 minutes to get in.

They had been expecting spectacular lights, fire and award-winning ice sculptures, but instead paid £10.50 for “melted ice” and a “wheelchair being set on fire”.

Some families have demanded refunds, while others are calling for a public apology from organisers who they claim “badly let down” their customers.

A Facebook page has since been set up by dissatisfied visitors after complaints were reportedly removed from Woburn Abbey’s social media sites yesterday.

The profile picture of the newly launched group says: “Rip off Britain?”.

Visitor Sarah Loftus said: “It took us two hours to get in despite us setting off early.

“We completely missed all the fire sculptures (most looked like they’d been put out by the earlier rain), the ice sculpting and the stilt walkers.

“So basically, we got a walk round the gardens, lead by some soggy paper bags and another huge queue to buy hugely overpriced and not all that warm food.

“The “Christmas market” was just a couple of stalls in a small room. Really disappointing. I hope refunds are forthcoming.”

Heidi Kendall‎ described the Bedfordshire event as “appalling” after having to park on the outskirts of Woburn and “hike” to the abbey.

She said: “So unprofessional, for such a grand estate, so many missed opportunities to pull off a great event,

“It made a miserable night out for our guests and I felt embarrassed that I had made them walk across road and land .

“I am seeking a full refund along with everyone else, as I have been mis-sold.”

Woburn Abbey plan to release a statement this afternoon in response to the complaints.