‘Fake’ student convicted of council tax fraud

Council Tax
Council Tax

Last month Lateef Kadiri, 28, of Redwood Grove, Bedford, was ordered to pay a total of £710 after pleading guilty to four counts of fraud.

These charges were in relation to making false statements to obtain an exemption from paying council tax.

Bedford Borough Council’s investigation team conducted enquiries following an internal referral from a council tax advisor who was suspicious about some of the information Mr Kadiri had provided.

It was found that Mr Kadiri had previously been a student but failed his first year and was unable to continue with his studies, however at this time he then made fake letters saying he was still in full time education and signed forms confirming this.

Mr Kadiri attended Bedford Magistrates Court on August 31, where he pleaded guilty.

Mr Kadiri was fined £80 for each false statement and £120 for each false document.

He was also ordered to pay £290 towards the councils costs and a further £20 victim surcharge, bringing the total to £710.

Councillor Michael Headley, portfolio holder for finance, said: “Council tax evasion is a serious crime and will not be tolerated, those caught out will face criminal proceedings.

“It is only fair on other taxpayers that everyone pays their fair share.”