Expert’s call on earlier diagnosis of autism

Tiago Pinto
Tiago Pinto

A health expert from Wyboston raised vital issues on the diagnosis of autism at a major conference on the disorder.

Tiago Pinto, clinical psychologist and head of therapies at Milton Park Therapeutic Campus, addressed delegates at The Autism Show hosted in Birmingham.

Standing amongst some of the most prestigious speakers from across the world, Tiago discussed the delicate intricacies of diagnosing and supporting females on the autism spectrum disorder. Seeking to raise awareness of the need to improve diagnosis times of females with autism, Tiago called for the establishment of diagnostic clinics, which will spend extended periods of time with the individual being assessed rather than a 20-minute chat or quick testing.

He argued that diagnosis and early intervention may avoid other conditions, such as personality disorders, emerging in the future.

Tiago said: “It was an honour to be invited to attend and present at The Autism Show in Birmingham.

“There is a worrying connection between females on the autism spectrum disorder and personality disorders, which could be improved with early diagnosis and intervention.

“Together with my colleagues in Bedfordshire, I will continue to work with researchers and doctors to improve diagnosis techniques for females and raise awareness of autism amongst the public.”

His speech was made at a time when members of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism (APPGA) have expressed their concern regarding waiting times between diagnosis and assessment for all individuals with autism, which according to NHS England is currently two years for adults and 3.6 years for children.

Providing a platform for information and advice on autism, including Asperger syndrome, The Autism Show on June 24 showcased the most advance research from leading academic and physiologists in the UK.

This year, speakers included world renowned and Wolverhampton born micro-sculptor Willard Wigan MBE, Dr Glenys Jones, chartered psychologist and researcher in the Autism Centre for Education and Research, and parents of children with autism.