Exercise with BMF and healthy diet helps 54-year-old reduced serious risk of stroke

Martin Copland, from Pavenham, who has been exercising with BMF in Bedford.
Martin Copland, from Pavenham, who has been exercising with BMF in Bedford.

When Martin Copland was told by his doctor in March that his blood pressure was dangerously high and he was at serious risk of suffering a stroke, he made some serious changes to his lifestyle.

The 54-year-old communications manager from Pavenham decided it was time to up his fitness game and change his diet, and started attending extra outdoor fitness sessions with British Military Fitness (BMF). In a matter of months, his blood pressure has returned to a healthy level without medication.

Concerned about taking the medication offered by his doctor he looked for alternative ways to lower blood pressure through diet and exercise. At the time of his diagnosis, Martin’s blood pressure was a staggering 170 over 90, peaking at 191/119. However his new low fat diet and training with BMF in Bedford quickly began to yield results, and it soon dropped to 120 over 80.

He said: “When the doctor told me how high my blood pressure was I was in shock – I had always assumed that the exercise I was doing was enough. However, being told that I was at risk of having a stroke was a real eye opener and the motivation I needed to make a real change to my lifestyle. He put me on a 24-hour blood pressure measurement programme and told me the only way to get better was to take medication but I refused to go down that road.”

After seeing a BMF training session being held at Bedford Park, Martin took part in a free trial class. Since then, he has been training twice a week with BMF alongside his wife Julie, as well as starting extra one-to-one sessions with Pete Gill, territory manager at BMF.

Martin added: “Looking back, a lot of my high blood pressure was probably due to stress at work and going to BMF sessions really helped me blow off some steam. Since starting BMF, I have so much more energy and stamina and have even given up coffee. And of course it has been nice to lose some weight and to get rid of the beer belly! I have also made so many new friends, who have been so supportive.”

Since making changes to his diet and starting extra BMF sessions, Martin has lost half a stone, and reduced his blood pressure to the point where medication is not required – a fact he is thrilled about.

Martin said: “Being on medication was never a solution for me, so it’s fantastic that I have got to a point where I am able to manage my condition through diet and exercise alone. BMF has truly changed the way I feel about life, and has been a game changer in managing my condition – I cannot praise the team more highly. I truly feel like they have saved my life.”

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