Executives will not consider closure of Bedford libraries

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Following a meeting regarding the future of libraries in Bedford Borough a recommendation will be made to the executive committee next week that the option to close libraries will no longer be considered.

This year the council undertook an extensive two-stage consultation, asking people what they felt about the library service and what was important to them. The council received over 4,500 responses from residents.

In the first stage of the process, local residents were asked to share their views on how libraries are currently used, which services are most popular and which services should be prioritised.

The second stage provided the public with the opportunity to give their views on four options regarding the future of Bedford Borough’s Libraries.

Mayor of Bedford Borough Dave Hodgson, said: “The responses to the consultations told us loud and clear that the libraries in Bedford Borough are still an important part of the local community.

“I would like to thank everyone that provided a response to the consultation; it is because of you that the recommendation to remove the option to close libraries is being made to the Executive at the meeting next week.”

Bedford Borough Council’s executive will be considering The Library Strategy 2017-2022 including a number of options looking at the way the library service will be delivered that will allow the service to develop and change whilst continuing to enhance customer experience, for the next 5 years.

The Executive Meeting will be held on Wednesday 7th September at 6.30pm in Committee Room 1, Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street.