Ex cadet donates award cash to Road Victims Trust

Ben Wright.
Ben Wright.

A former police cadet who is planning to join the Special Constabulary has donated money he received after being shortlisted for an award to charity.

Ben Wright was shortlisted for a Young People of the Year award - also known as Yopey - which aims to recognise young positive role models.

The 18 year old, from Clapham, joined nine others in the final and, as a runner up, Ben received a cheque for £50 to give to his nominated charity.

He chose the Road Victims Trust and presented the donation during the charity’s 20th anniversary ball.

Ben said: “I nominated the Road Victim’s Trust to receive this money as I have worked closely with them at a number of events and can see the difference that they make to those affected by incidents on the roads.”Now he has left the cadets, Ben has applied to join Bedfordshire’s volunteer police officers are part of the Special Constabulary.

He will join 250 other Specials, who provide vital support to the front line patrolling the county’s rural and urban communities.

Chief executive of the Road Victim’s Trust Mark Turner said: “The Trust is extremely grateful for the magnificent support of Bedfordshire Police which enables us to support all persons affected by a road death.

“The example set by Ben typifies the support received. It was very moving that a young person should devote so much time to helping others, and then selflessly present his prize money to the Trust.”

To find out more about joining Bedfordshire’s Police Cadets or Special Constabulary, visit the ‘Join Us’ section on www.bedfordshire.police.uk
Find out more about the Road Victims Trust at www.rvtrust.org.uk.