Essay tutoring service offered by PhD student

Tabitha Price
Tabitha Price

A woman from Cranfield is set to write a new chapter in her flourishing academic career after launching a new student tutorial business.

Tabitha Price, 23, has launched Tabitha’s Tutorials after spotting a gap in the local market for professional English literature tuition.

Tabitha is studying for her PhD in English literature at the University of Buckingham and now offering one-to-one lessons for students keen to achieve good grades in their GCSE and A levels.

She creates personalised, individual tutorials to address particular learning and essay-writing needs and can help in other subjects, such as history.

She said: “I’m really excited about my new venture and look forward to helping more people unlock their academic potential.

“I have already received a number of enquiries and spaces are booking up fast as the new academic year starts.

One person to benefit from Tabitha’s Tutorials is Wootton Upper student Courtney Hunter, who said: “After desperately needing help to try to achieve my target A-level grade I can safely say that, thanks to her, I am well on my way. She is not only a grade-saver, but a life-saver.”