VIDEO: Animal charity Viva! shows the reality of pig farming to Bedford residents

Viva!'s Juliet Gellatley
Viva!'s Juliet Gellatley

The harsh realities of pig farming are being brought into the open in Bedford tomorrow, courtesy of Vegan charity Viva!

The charity is inviting people to take the ‘Face Off Challenge’ by watching an undercover investigative film of pig farms in the area. Viva will record the responses of viewers.

The farms featured include Twinwoods and Highfield - both operated by well-known supermarket supplier Bedfordia - which Viva! says shows sick and dying animals in cramped conditions.

Footage includes a pig with a protruding hernia being attacked by others, cramped conditions and no enrichment apart from a hanging piece of metal in many areas of the Highfield site.

“Many people are coming to the realisation that farming animals in these conditions simply to be killed and made into food is cruel and unsustainable.

“Pork consumption in particular is under the spotlight as processed meats such as sausages and bacon are now directly linked to a variety of cancers,” said the charity’s CEO Juliet Gellatley.

“While some may argue that the standards of farming must improve, the easiest thing to do to stop this kind of animal torture is to go vegan and we are asking the people of Bedford to join in the campaign and choose a kinder, animal-free diet.”

The Viva! team will be showing the film on Midland Road on Tuesday, between Midday and 3pm.