School closed as water main bursts

Anglian Water NNL-150104-125010001
Anglian Water NNL-150104-125010001

A school was closed and gardens flooded as a water main burst in Cranfield this morning.

Holywell Middle School was closed to pupils as the water supply was disrupted before the school day began.

An Anglian Water spokesperson said: “We are sorry customers in the Cranfield and Salford area were affected by a burst water main on Wavedon Road, Salford this morning.

“This was one of our large water mains in the area which meant there was flooding to Wavedon Road and some nearby gardens. We’ll be speaking to everyone affected to apologise and we will pick up the bill for any repair work needed.

“Water is now back on as normal for the vast majority of customers and we’re working hard to get the final 17 properties back on water before we start the pipe repair.

“Once again would like to say sorry for any disruption this has caused.”

Holywell School hopes to be open as normal tomorrow.