Compost site ‘too close’ to buildings

Cliff Smith at Coplar Farm, Thurleigh.
Cliff Smith at Coplar Farm, Thurleigh.

The campaign against the re-siting of a recycling plant claims the proposed premises will be too close to existing homes.

The Stop Growing Beds campaign says the wood and green waste recycling facility, planned for Mill Hill, Thurleigh, is within 250m of its neighbours Coplar Farm House and Little Polvier.

Campaign spokesman Sean Smith says Environment Agency guidelines state new composting plants will not be given a permit if they are within 250m of dwellings, without proving emitted bioaerosols will be, “maintained no higher than acceptable levels”.

He added while the plans claim the new plant will be 250m from the homes, the measurements are wrong.

“We believe they are very tight for space so they can’t just move it a few metres, as the site is in the middle of the two mentioned properties.

“This means they will have to reduce the area for composting, re-jig the site so it fits or go for an enclosed composting system instead.”

Bedford Borough Council has received 279 comments regarding the application, which was submitted in April.

A spokesman said: “The applicant is currently addressing objections raised by internal and external consultees as well as a number of questions raised by officers.”

Growing Beds and its agent Phillips Planning declined to comment.