Borough Hall should be historically listed, says councillor

MBTC-Borough Hall Bedford. ENGPNL00120130508100736
MBTC-Borough Hall Bedford. ENGPNL00120130508100736

Bedford Borough Hall should be listed says Labour Councillor Shan Hunt, and she is urging people to look again at the huge concrete structure.

“I believe it is a fine example of late 60s architecture,” Ms Hunt said.

“If you compare it to other buildings of the late 1960s and 1970s it is a very well designed building, and aesthetically quite pleasing.”

However, Ms Hunt – Councillor for Kempston North – realises her view won’t be shared by everyone, and that to some the building is an eyesore.

“A few of the other councillors also agree with me, and a few don’t,” she admitted. “Views will be divided, but I do think that we have got to have the debate,” she said.

Originally built in 1968, Borough Hall operates across six floors and was formerly County Hall, and occupied by the former Beds County Council. “It is part of modern history, and I urge people to look at its curved form again.

“If you look at it from the Riverside, it really is a very pleasant building to look at.”

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