EIGHT reasons benefits claimants should call the council

Borough Hall Bedford ENGPNL00120140402144847
Borough Hall Bedford ENGPNL00120140402144847

People who claim housing benefits are being reminded to contact the council if their circumstances change.

Bedford Borough Council has compiled a list of possible reasons claimants should give them a call as it warns: “Failing to update your details and consequently receiving overpayments is a misuse of the benefits system, and may result in action being taken against claimants to recover costs.”

Contact the borough if:

1. A partner, grown up child, other relative or friend moves into or out of your home

2. You have a pay rise or a pay cut, or the amount of money you have coming in changes

3. The number of hours you work each week increases or decreases.

4. You or anyone living with you changes jobs

5. You start to get a Pension, or the amount you are paid changes

6. You are lucky enough to receive an inheritance or a lump sum

7. Your rent goes up or down

8. You move home

Portfolio Holder for Finance Councillor Michael Headley said: “If things change at work or at home it’s always best for residents to tell us as soon as they can.

“Small changes can mean a change in housing benefit payments, so the more up-to-date our information is, the better the chances are of residents receiving the right support.”

To inform Bedford Borough Council about any changes to your circumstances, please visit www.bedford.gov.uk/housingbenefits or call 01234 718 097.