Students turn detective to solve ‘murder mystery’ after discovering a ‘crime scene’

Goldington Academy crime scene project.
Goldington Academy crime scene project.

Pupils arriving at school in Bedford discovered a ‘crime scene’ - and had the chance to turn detective in a lesson with a difference.

Students at Goldington Academy became Crime Scene Investigators for a day thanks to a visit from a team of ex-forensic scientists from Right Angle Events.

Goldington Academy crime scene project.

Goldington Academy crime scene project.

Students arrived in school on Thursday, January 22, to discover the murder of their principal, Mr G, had taken place earlier in the morning.

Supporting the Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) topic in their science lessons this term, pupils have been learning about the role of the forensic scientist and SOCO, the art of psychology and eyewitness testimony and the scientific methods of fingerprints and blood splatter analysis.

The Year 7 pupils were split into different teams to work collaboratively to solve the crime.

They immediately put their forensic skills to use in collecting evidence and analysing it, donning lab coats, goggles and shoe and arm protectors so as not to contaminate potential evidence.

The detectives were asked to cross-examine each suspect and were able to put their newly acquired psychology knowledge to the test to detect if the suspect was in fact telling the truth or telling lies.

Head of Science Amy Camfield said: “It has been a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to apply their scientific knowledge to real-life situations. It has inspired several of our pupils to look to a career of forensics or police enquiry.”

The company will also be visiting the school again later in the month to lead a Saturday workshop for some KS2 pupils on forensic science and literacy skills.