Newly qualified teachers are choosing to stay in Bedford

NQTs are staying in Bedford
NQTs are staying in Bedford

Schools in Bedford has hung on to most of the new teachers who completed their training this year.

The retention rate of Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) across the borough reached 82 per cent compared with an national average of 62 per cent.

This means of the 95 NQT who completed their induction in Bedford Borough, 82 of them are still employed in tis schools.

In addition, at least 12 of the 13 NQTs who have left the borough this summer are known to be still teaching.

Bedford Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Education Cllr Henry Vann said: “Nationally, there is a teacher recruitment crisis. It is therefore excellent news that Bedford Borough is bucking the trend by working with schools to properly invest in education and support newly qualified teachers.

“By investing in excellent teaching and learning environments, scrapping temporary classrooms, and refusing to turn our backs on educational improvement, we are demonstrating our ongoing commitment to the best quality education for all pupils and we recognise that skilled and qualified teachers can make all the difference.”

Bedford Borough remains top of the region and is 4th best placed in the country for Lower and Primary school pupils, according to recent Ofsted inspections.

For more information on being an NQT in Bedford Borough, visit the Borough web-site at and click on Education and Learning/Teachers and Education Staff/Becoming a New Teacher/Newly Qualified Teachers.