Living a “hard life” on Africa journey for Kempston schoolgirl

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A Kempston schoolgirl spent three weeks living with children in Africa while filming a TV documentary.

Jasmine McAteer joined the crew of the CBBC programme Show Me What You’re Made Of, which airs on the kid’s TV channel all next week.

Jasmine, 13, auditioned for the show with her twin sister via the CBBC website. While her sister was not chosen, they were both thrilled for Jasmine.

She said: “I was so excited when I got the call. I did not know where I was going, or with whom, until we all met at the airport.”

It was revealed she was heading to Africa to live and work with the local children.

She said: “They had nothing but they were so happy to see us. Most of them had worked in cocoa factories but never even eaten chocolate. Their faces when we gave them chocolate was amazing.”

Jasmine was also moved to see the children playing with rubbish and has vowed to raise money to send them to buy toys.

She said: “I attend a dance club and performing arts school, which I love. I hope to get help with making a dance video to raise money. They would then be able to have simple things like pencils, books and pretty things for their hair.

“They have a very hard life in Africa. We do not realise how easy we have it here.

“I would like to think that this may make other children think about what we take for granted and how we can help other people in the world, just like we are all one big family.”

Show Me What You’re Made Of, is on CBBC at 5pm, from Monday, December 15, to Friday, December 18.