Council to support GCSEs legal battle

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GCSE students who missed out on passing grades because of government changes are being supported in a court appeal by Bedford Borough Council.

The council has joined 150 schools and 42 councils to support 167 pupils who have formed an alliance to serve legal papers against exam regulator Ofqual and exam boards AQA and Edexcel. They are calling for their GCSE English papers, which they sat last summer, to be regraded.

The claim challenges the decision by the exam boards to increase the C grade boundary from the one applied in January 2012 to the one applied in June 2012 and the decision by Ofqual to approve, or fail to reverse, that change.

Around 10,000 students took their English GCSEs in June 2012, and the claimants say that they missed out on a C grade, and the life chances that brings as a result of the decision.

The statement of claim, which is supported by the council, says: “The decisions have prejudiced the life chances of thousands of children.

“The immediate effects of the decisions include children being unable to progress in education, losing vocational opportunities and jobs and being unable to gain employment.”