Eco-friendly burial ground gets approval in Bedfordshire village

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Residents have been left furious after plans to build an eco-friendly burial ground were passed by the council’s planning committee.

People who live in Wilstead village have been battling the plan for more than two years, and are ‘gutted’ at the prospect of living so close a burial ground.

The site, where biodegradable coffins will be used in shallower graves, was given the green light for Cotton End Road in Wilstead.

Almost a year ago, the initial planning application was refused by Bedford Borough Council due to hygiene and water contamination fears, but the application has now been approved.

One concerned resident said: “There are residential properties at either side, it should definitely be somewhere more remote.”

However developers Cemetery Development Services, said: “We can confirm there are no pollution issues and the site will be reviewed by the environmental agency. The proposal has not failed any tests.”

Councillor Graeme Coombes said: “I am hugely disappointed that the natural burial ground in Wilstead has been given planning approval.

“It’s entirely the wrong decision, based on rather dubious assumptions by those proposing the application.

“The burial ground will bring nothing to Wilstead or its people, other than increased traffic and pollution. It should have been built in a remote area, not the centre of a village where it will be a blight on the community.”