Drunken yobs steal charity cash and smash 3 cars after raiding pub in Clapham

One of the cars hit by a stolen school minibus following the raid
One of the cars hit by a stolen school minibus following the raid

A group of drunken youths crashed a stolen school minibus into three cars following a pub raid on Tuesday.

The Horse & Groom, in Clapham, was broken into by the three offenders at around 3am.

They stole a “substantial” amount of money and alcohol as well as some charity tins.

They then smashed bottles of wine before driving off in a school minibus parked at the pub and crashing into three cars in the high street.

Sarah Nichols, the pub’s co-owner, was shocked by the “mindlessness” of the raiders.

She said: “I am absolutely sick to my stomach.

“You can rob my pub but what they did on top of that was horrific.

“They smashed bottles of wine outside the pub and then stole the keys to the minibus I was looking after and crashed it into three cars.

“This is the last thing I expected in this village.”

Witness Giorgio Garofalo said: “There was a lot of noise from the impact. Many people gathered there after and somebody managed to take the number plate of the van that crashed into the cars.”

Sarah, the head of KWS Educational Services, a special needs school in Brunel Road, Bedford, had parked the school’s minibus at the pub for the summer holidays.

Sarah added: “I hope the other families affected can get their cars sorted as soon as possible.”

A spokesman for Beds Police said: “We were called on Tuesday to reports of a burglary at the Horse & Groom pub.

“The minibus hit three vehicles at around 5.30am and was abandoned in The Slade, Clapham at around 8am.”

Call police on 101 if you can help with the investigation.