Downes is on the up and up with engaging, warm Jazz deliveries

IF you don’t simply want to hear the songs of yesteryear, but want to experience the sights as well as the sounds, then you might like to take a chance on The New Amen Corner: Summer of Love.

But relax, although their sounds are from the sixties, they are more about paisley patterns than naked dancing. Phew.

Enjoy a clothed reconstruction of the Summer of Love this evening at Wavendon hotspot The Stables.

Or play it your way over on Stage 2 with the Over 2U open mic night, which thankfully has nothing to do with U2 in reverse. Think about it...

Tickets are a fiver to non-players, £2 for those partaking.

The Real Thing are back on Saturday night.

Back in the seventies the trio achieved three chart toppers – You To Me Are Everything, Feel The Force and Can’t Get By Without You.

Still plying their wares, they will rustle up a whole heap of disco smashes alongside their own goodies.

Over on stage 2, Preston Reed will show what happens when he is left alone with a guitar, and it’s a beautiful thing.

A seriously talented fella, Preston will muster up a band entire, using only his fingers, thumbs, fists and hands as instrumentation.

Be back in the Stables’ small quarters on Sunday morning for another session of Jazz matters, between 11.30am and 1pm.

It’s a nice start to the day and a cracking way to dip your toes into the musical genre.

We could tell you loads about Ian Anderson’s concert at the venue on Monday evening, but with the thing totally sold out, it’ll only make you green with envy and gutted that you’ve missed your chance to catch the Jethro Tull ace in the live.

So, we’ll move on...

How about popping along on Tuesday night to watch Gordon Giltrap?

With more than four decades in the business, he knows a thing or two about penning a decent track, and will play them for you, as well as discussing his collection of guitars.

What do you think Brian May?

“Gordon Giltrap is one of an elite few who truly have become legendary in their field in their own lifetime.”

Last up this week, is Mercury Prize nominee Kit Downes, left.

His trio were nominated for the prestigious industry award in 2010.

Needless to say, they lost out to another bunch of indie-ites.

A shame, if not expected by some of us.

Regardless, Kit is an exceptional composer and player, and Tuesday’s show will be a cracker.

Appealing they most certainly are. These guys reach the parts of jazz novices that others can’t get to, while your seasoned jazz fan will take to them like a long-lost love!

Call the box office on MK 280800.