Don’t let a loyal toast or two lead to a driving ban

Nearly one in five of all drink drive-related accidents happen the morning after a night out, according to figures sourced by AlcoSense Breathalysers.

And with a summer featuring the Jubilee, the Olympics and Euro 2012 all fuelling a festive mood, starting with a four-day weekend of street parties, many drivers will be at risk of being over the limit the next day, saying motoring charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

The figures show that ‘morning-after’ drink drive accidents have increased by 60 per cent over the last decade and in some cases drivers had consumed as little as three or four drinks, and were often unaware that they were still under the influence.

And 18 per cent of all drink-drive accidents in 2010 happened between 5am – when shift workers and early starters would be driving to work – and 1pm. This compares with only 11 per cent in 2000, and seven per cent in 1990.

AlcoSense managing director Hunter Abbott said: “AlcoSense urges revellers enjoying the summer’s extended party atmosphere to beware of putting themselves at risk of drink driving the following morning.

“With people enjoying the good weather and extended holiday offered by the Diamond Jubilee, the party atmosphere may make them too complacent about drink driving.

“We know that 51 per cent of people have unintentionally drink driven the morning after and the police are catching 17.8 per cent the morning after – when they are not actively looking for drink drivers. People need to be especially careful over the holiday period and throughout this summer.”

IAM chief executive Simon Best said: “Enjoy a drink this summer, but don’t mix it with driving. And bear in mind that while you may not feel the effects the next day, your blood alcohol level could still be above the drink drive limit.”

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