Don’t let fire ruin your Christmas - check your smoke alarm

Santa says test your smoke alarm
Santa says test your smoke alarm

If there’s one thing guaranteed to ruin the festive season, it’s your home going up in flames.

So on the first day of Advent, Santa has message for all householders: test your smoke alarm!

Speaking for Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service he said: “A working smoke alarm is the best way to protect yourself during the Christmas holidays from fire.

“And a smoke alarm could make an excellent stocking filler if you know someone who doesn’t already have one. It certainly shows you care about someone to give them a life-saving smoke alarm.”

A fire service spokesman said working smoke alarms save people’s lives every day by alerting them to a fire in their home. The alarms gives them time to get out of their house before smoke and fumes can overcome them or fire spreads to cut off their escape.

People are at least four times more likely to die in a fire if there is no working smoke alarm.

He added in 1988 there were 534 accidental fire deaths in homes across the country – last year there were 163 (the lowest ever recorded) - as the percentage of homes with a smoke alarm has risen from 9 per cent in 1987, to more than 90 per cent today.

“Everyone should ensure their home has working smoke alarms with a recommended minimum of one smoke alarm per floor, ideally in both the hallway and on any landing in homes with more than a single floor. 

“It is also essential to test your smoke alarm regularly - why not link testing your alarm to putting out your wheelie bin out for collection?”

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