Dog owners warned to be vigilant after pups with suspected parvovirus are dumped in Newport Pagnell

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MPMC Parvovirus RSPCA 2PdpLfVUqZpEQ54KXa_h

Dog owners are being warned to be vigilant and get their pets vaccinated after a number of sick puppies were dumped with symptoms of the potentially

deadly parvovirus.

RSPCA chief inspector Jim Lucas said three incidents are currently being investigated involving puppies which have either been confirmed as having parvo, or are suspected to have the


One puppy with symptoms of parvo was was dumped near Newport Pagnell Sports Pavilion, in Willen Road, on Sunday. It is currently being looked after by a foster carer following some initial treatment.

A second very sick pup was taken to a vet by the animal’s new owner later that day with the same symptoms, but was sadly put to sleep because it was so poorly.

A further six terrier type crossbreed puppies were found on Monday in a box dumped again near Newport Pagnell Sports Pavilion. One has been put to sleep by a vet, while the

others are still receiving treatment also for suspected parvovirus.

Mr Lucas added: “We are looking into these incidents and an active investigation is now under way.

“The worry is that if these puppies have got parvo, or been in contact with other dogs that may have the disease, then there could be others out there which are sick and in need of treatment.

“We now want to alert dog owners around the area and encourage them to remain vigilant and if they suspect their pet is sick, take them straight to a vet. Parvovirus is a highly contagious viral

disease with a high mortality rate among untreated dogs, so we would encourage owners to ensure their pets are vaccinated to help avoid the heartbreak of losing a much loved pet to the


The cost of the veterinary treatment is being met by both the national RSPCA and the RSPCA Milton Keynes and North Bucks Branch.

Anyone with information about the dumped puppies can contact the RSPCA inspectorate appeals line on 0300 123 8018.